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I haven't been here reporting because I have been too busy!  I don't feel a need to come and be redundant and report every step I take as there are just too many things and it would be boring as hell.  Suffice to say that I am pretty much back to normal and yesterday, exactly one month to the day...I was on my hands and knees in the garden getting my hands dirty.  Things are pretty much back to normal only better.  Normal now means I am doing things with ease that use to cause great pain before!  Hell, I even climbed over a guard rail on the highway the other day so I could try to get a shot of the first ever Pelicans I have ever seen in Duluth! I will soon be on the trails hiking in the park!  Heck maybe this week even!

 If I d something stupendous like go dancing or ride a horse I'll be back.  Otherwise, just know that if you are contemplating a hip replacement...get the minimally invasive one.  Surround yourself with beautiful people for a week and then you will be fine on your own!  Actually, if I didn't have the dogs to tend to, I could have done this alone but it was much more fun to have Val here that first week anyway!  The pampering was awesome!

I will leave you with my first Spring flowers that are finally blooming.  Yes, I got on my hands and knees for this shot and getting up wasn't difficult!

A new beginning.  Spring and a new hip and my first flowers of the year, what more can I ask for!

Take care, Stephanie




Oh and psssssst....if you ended up here via a search engine, don't forget to stop by my bead journal for a peak at my work!  Better yet stop by  my web store (opening soon) 



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